Hi, I am a Portuguese designer and illustrator. Art, design, architecture, cinema and popcorn lover, that’s what defines me the most.

I’m fascinated by colours, forms, patterns and textures since I remember. My parents gave me the opportunity to love art in all its forms, traveling in the end of all summers to meet new countries, cities and villages, visiting fascinating museums, monumental palaces, churches and gardens.

I begin my art studies at the Fine Art College, Oporto University, but my interest in discovering new places and forms led me to an Art History Master’s Degree. I concluded the Art History studies with distinction, winning an Award from Engenheiro António de Almeida Foundation. I also have a Postgraduate Course in Information Science.

I’ve been working as Graphic Designer for a while now. Three newly born nephews took me to the illustration whimsical world and more recently I’ve been exploring the pattern design wonderlands.


Thank you for your visit!

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